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Wordplay • Cardboard box repurposing • Bookbinding • Children’s literature • Reading • Photography • Gardening • Sewing • Yoga • RVing • Travel • Collecting random factoids and quotes • Beachcombing

I came to Graphic Design later in life, but then, I've always been a late bloomer. There are so many aspects of this field that I enjoy; discovering each new facet has been thrilling, and I can't WAIT to discover what is around the corner! My husband always challenged me to go back to school, but without a driving passion I couldn't see spending all that time and money. Then one day I found myself in Border's Books (pardon me while I dry a tear for Border's) pulling all kinds of books from the shelves about typography and page layout and suddenly I realized,
"This! This is IT."
So, I went to Madison College and met the most awesome instructors and made lots of friends and learned a ton of stuff about this thing I had never considered before. What a journey! There is still so much I want and need to learn, waiting for me just around the corner...


In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay
an invincible summer.
Albert Camus

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